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Bajaj Platina 110 ABS launched at INR 65,926

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Bajaj has launched the new Platina 110-ABS in the Indian market at the price of INR 65,926 ex-showroom. The Platina 110-ABS is the first-in-segment motorcycle with an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) function which does not let the wheel slip under heavy braking and hence improves the braking effectiveness of the vehicle thereby ensuring proper control over the vehicle during emergency situations. The front-wheel disc brake with a 240mm rotor size features the ABS function.

How ABS Works

In the past, aircrafts made use of the ABS which is short for the Anti-lock Braking System and the technology later trickled down to automobiles. The ABS function works by continuously measuring the wheel speed and under sudden changes through a feedback loop mechanism, releases and reapplies the brake pressure. The pumping action is faster than any human intervention and this helps the wheel to lockup and skid. Skidding would just decrease the friction between the road surface and the wheel and hence through effective use of the ABS technology the rider may be saved from a crash due to the loss of control of the motorcycle.

Other Features on Platina 110-ABS

The Bajaj Platina 110-ABS comes with a ComforTec package that features a premium tuck & roll seat upholstery, 20% longer front & rear Nitrox spring-on-spring suspension that offers more comfort on bumpy roads, tubeless tyres. The Platina 110-ABS also comes with LED Headlamp along with daytime running lights that provide clear road visibility, new mirrors for better rearward visibility and knuckle guards for protection on various terrain.


Powering the Bajaj Platina 110-ABS is an air-cooled 115cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection technology that makes 8.6 PS of power and 9.81 Nm of torque.


The Bajaj Platina 110-ABS is available in three colour options – Charcoal Black, Volcanic Red and Beach Blue. The bookings for the Platina 110-ABS are open at all Bajaj Dealerships across the country. Recently, Bajaj also launched the all-new Platina 100 Electric Start (ES) motorcycle at the price of INR INR 53,920 ex-showroom, India