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Bajaj planning 200cc V20 and 400cc V40? (V15 variants)

Dev Jaising
Written by Dev Jaising

The Bajaj V15 has made a huge name in the market when it was launched, especially due to its association with INS Vikrant battleship. The bike received amazing reviews and was well accepted by the market. So much so that Bajaj decided to make more variants of the bike.

Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto, has confirmed that the next V executive commuter will be launched in November this year, with the third one coming six months after that. The 200cc and 400cc engines are already kept at their disposal and this will heavily reduce their cost of development (also boosting economies of scale). However, there is no confirmation that it is the 200cc or 400cc motors which will be put to use. Currently, the V15 uses a 150cc engine and you could also expect a 100cc product under this V umbrella.

The Bajaj officials did not disclose the displacement of the new bikes but confirmed that they will continue using the raw material from the Indo-Pak war era aircraft carrier to make the fuel tank (the bikes USP).

The V-series will hold the brand strong for the next two years at least, before an update is required.

Bajaj has always offered multiple engine options for a product they develop. Will this strategy work for the V?