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Bajaj extends free service period of all bikes till 31st July 2021

Written by Nayak

Bajaj Auto announces the extension of the free service period of all its brands. This is an ongoing trend in the automotive market in India. Several other companies have also made similar announcements. Bajaj mentioned that all the customers whose free service was due to expire between 1st April 2021 and 31st May will now get an extension till 31st July 2021.

This extension of free services applies to all two-wheelers and commercial vehicles. Bajaj Auto ensured that it has already passed this message to all its dealerships across the country. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, where the people are better off staying at their homes, this date extension is a significant boost for the customers.

Bajaj Auto’s Measures For Covid-19

The two-wheeler manufacturer has announced a host of Covid-19 measures. Recently, the company mentioned that it has set up many Covid Centres across the country. In addition to this, Bajaj Auto had also pledged a total sum of INR 200 Crore to help fight the ongoing pandemic. The shortage of oxygen is taking a heavy toll on the Covid-19 patients. Thus, to help bridge the gap, Bajaj is also working on the procurement of oxygen plants and other respiratory equipment. The company also takes other initiatives like distributing food packets, creating medical infrastructure for the daily labourers and more. The company has also helped the local police by providing them with motorcycles.

In Other News

Recently, pictures of a semi-fared version of a camouflaged Pulsar surfaced on the internet. As reports suggest, Bajaj is probably working on a new motorcycle to replace the 220F. And these images make us believe that Bajaj is likely to launch a 250cc bike, which could be named 250F. In terms of sales figure, Bajaj was the top-selling two-wheeler manufacturer in April 2021. Around 60 per cent of the total sales were contributed to the overseas market in exports, which is quite a remarkable achievement.

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