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Bajaj commits INR 200 crore towards COVID-19 response

Written by Nayak

Bajaj Group announces its contribution to India’s fight against Covid-19. The group commits financial support of INR 200 Crore towards the Covid-19 response. The new wave of new Covid-19 cases in the country is very frightening. The cases and fatalities are rising at a very high pace.  Multiple reports are suggesting that the cases will peak in mid-May. The various state government have already announced strict lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. Bajaj Group will leverage its strong ties with various communities, governments and local authority to make an impact towards Covid-19. The group mentioned that the financial support will help alleviate the challenges faced due to Covid-19

Bajaj Group’s Response Towards Covid-19

Last year as well, the group contributed INR 100 Crore in order to help fight the pandemic. Recently, Bajaj Group also helped to procure 12 Oxygen plants that supply more than 5,000 LPM of oxygen to the healthcare facilities. The group was also responsible for providing oxygen concentrators, ventilators and BiPaps for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Bajaj Group has a large network of over 200 NGO partners who work together to provide support to the ones who are in need right now. Along with these, the group will also extend their help to the stranded migrants. To ensure a smooth livelihood to the returned migrants, Bajaj Group will supply them with urban and rural healthcare facilities.

Bajaj Puts Up A Strong Sales Figure For April 2021

For the month of April, Bajaj announced that it sold a total of 3,48,173 units. This includes both domestic and export sales figures. This makes Bajaj the top-selling motorcycle maker in India for the month of April 2021. About 60 per cent of the sales figure i.e. 2,21,603 units accounted for the exports. Bajaj has a very strong global network exporting its products to more than 79 countries. The brand’s Pulsar is one of the top-selling series both domestically and globally.