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Audi working on quick charging hubs with lounge experience

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Audi is currently on the offensive in the electric vehicle space. The brand plans to up its pace and become one of the leading electric car manufacturers by 2025. Audi will bring 20 electric cars by the promised time and transform itself as a provider of sustainable premium mobility. The brand also understands that the key to becoming the provider of sustainable mobility is creating a charging infrastructure.

Therefore, Audi is working on a concept of quick charging for premium-level electromobility. The brand will launch the pilot project in the second half of 2021, followed by a quick charger network. This will allow future Audi customers to quick-charge their electric and plug-in electric vehicles at the premium electric charging stations.

High Power Charging

Audi plans to bring the high-power charging (HPC) to the Audi Charging Hub. This will help meet the growing charging demands of the future. Nearly half the Audi cars sold around the world come with electrified powertrains. Customers can plan and book the charging station before arriving to reduce wait times. The Audi charging stations will also come attached with a lounge for the customer to pass the time.

Audi Lounge

Audi takes only a little longer to charge than the customer enjoying their coffee. The customer lounge will allow a true premium experience for Audi customers and a perfect setting for an enjoyable charging stop. The Audi e-Tron GT charges enough energy for up to 100 kilometres in about five minutes to put things into perspective. At a charging capacity of up to 270 kW, the car charges from 5% to 80% in nearly 23 minutes under ideal conditions. During this charging time, customers can enjoy snacks, drinks and non-food items in the lounge upstairs.

Sustainable Storage

The Audi Charging Hub will have flexible container cubes to fulfil various technical requirements. The containers also house charging pillars as well as used lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. Audi will give used lithium-ion batteries a second life as ancillary storage for direct current. This makes the charging hub free of expensive transformers and high voltage lines.

The brand will have interim storage of roughly 2.45 Mwh for six charging stations with a standard 400V hook up and an output of around 300kW. This makes an output of 11 kW per cube. In addition to this, photovoltaic (Solar) cells on the roof also provide green energy. The concept is also modular and provides flexibility and scalability. This allows the brand to transport and install the hub to an individual location quickly.

Plans & Timeline

The brand is currently searching for locations in Germany to install a pilot project. The brand also revealed that it talks with possible partners for the Audi charging hub pilot project. The pilot project is planned to go into operation in the second half of the year. The findings will help the brand plan a more extensive network of charging stations and take decisive actions to further implement the concept.

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