Audi Q3 owner opts for a MG Hector 1.5 DCT

Written by Nayak

There’s no doubt that MG is one of the most popular choices of customers in the SUV segment. But, what is more interesting, is that MG is now claiming that luxury car owners are also shifting to MG vehicles as well. The carmaker claims that recently an owner of Audi Q3 opted for an MG Hector 1.5 DCT in exchange for his Audi SUV.

Earlier this year, an owner of Audi A4 had exchanged his sedan for an MG Hector Plus. Another example was from last year when a customer opted to exchange their Land Rover for an MG Hector. In recent years, MG has posted examples of customers owning Mercedes-Benz and Volvo making a shift to MG ZS EV. Customers have appreciated MG’s coordination of the entire exchange process. In fact, MG dealerships are also providing a better price for customer’s exchange vehicles.

MG Customers Exhibit Brand Loyalty

Recently, there was an example of a customer who chose to upgrade their Hector to a Hector Plus, with a net resale value of 95 per cent. This speaks volumes of the brand’s impression on the customers. MG has been quite successful in a relatively short period of time as compared to its competitors. One of the key areas where MG is excelling is its marketing strategy. The Hector made its name with the ‘Internet Inside’ and was one of the early cars in the Indian market to revolutionize the connected car features. Currently, the brand has three products under its stable, namely, Hector, Gloster, and ZS EV. One MG will soon add yet another product named Astor.

Production-Ready MG Astor To Be Unveiled On September 15

This SUV is already making its name in the industry with its ‘AI Inside’ tag. Astor will come loaded with high tech features like level-2 ADAS, connected car tech, AI-based personal assistance and more. With the launch of Astor, the mid-size SUV will have the fiercest competition. But, this is a good thing, as customers will now have a plethora of options, and the carmakers will also become much more competitive with their offerings.

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