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Audi announces digital solutions for upcoming e-tron & e-tron Sportback

Written by Nayak

Audi India announces the host of digital solutions for its e-tron and e-tron Sportback customers. All these digital solutions will make the customer experience much hassle-free and enjoyable. Audi has integrated a lot of new features to their ‘myAudi Connect’ app as well. With the growing demand for electric vehicles in the market, customers are still sceptical about the charging infrastructure. And thus, Audi has specifically come up with solutions that will help customers eliminate their range anxiety.

New Digital Solutions Offered By Audi

Saving Calculator
  1. With the use of this, customers will be able to calculate the saving on the cost. In fact, this tool is also capable of quantifying the savings on the environment. Customers will get a detailed analysis on the reduction of carbon footprint and monetary savings in rupees.
Range And Charging Time Calculator
  1. This tool will help the customers to estimate the driving range, thus eliminating the range anxiety. This calculator takes into account various other factors. This includes driving modes, the type of road on which the car is being driven, and hence this helps give an instant real-time estimate of distance that the driver can cover on their Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback. This calculator can also help in determining the charging time. The time taken to charge depends on a lot of factors. This includes the capacity of the charger and the type of socket used.
Roadside Assistance
  1. This tool helps customers to access 24×7 Roadside Assistance in the ‘myAudi Connect’ app. There’s also 24×7 Whatsapp support available with this.
Chargers And Audi EV Charging Station Near Me
  1. With the use of the ‘myAudi Connect’ app, Audi EV owners will get the list of all the charging stations near them. Customers can also share the charging station details via Whatsapp.
  1. This functionality keeps track of the current charge level of the car’s battery along with distance-to-empty based on the charge available. This feature will significantly help drivers to manage their trips beforehand.
    1. Audi e-tron Hub is a one place repository wherein the customers get all the essential video guides to set up charging equipment, how to maximize the range, and more. Customers can also visit the nearest Audi India dealership to experience Audi’s range of products using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
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