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Ather teases Rizta electric scooter with XXXXXL seat

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ather Energy is planning to introduce a new electric scooter in the Indian market. Ather in the past revealed that the new Ather Rizta is likely to be a family-oriented electric scooter. Now, the brand reveals that the Rizta will come with an “XXXXXL” seat.

The XXXXXL Seat advert leads us to believe that the Ather Rizta will features an extra large seat. However, Ather claims that the Rizta will come with the ‘largest seat ever seen on a scooter’. The brand also claims that the Ather Rizta will offer the most generous storage capacity of any scooter.

Ather XXXXXL OOH in Mumbai and Ahmedabad

To showcase the XXXXXL Seat, Ather Energy has installed an OOH (Out Of Home) installation at two prominent locations. The large seat teaser is seen in Worli (Mumbai) and Shivranjini Circle (Ahmedabad). The OOH also reveals the large shape of the seat which is likely to be on the Ather Rizta.

Ather XXXXXL – Seat and Storage

Looking at the large seat, the Ather Rizta is likely to offer comfort for riders and passengers alike. However, Ather has not yet revealed the dimensions of the seat nor the capacity of the under seat storage. The current flagship, the Ather 450X comes with a slim and sporty seat design which is perfectly okay with young riders.

Ather XXXXXL – More Comfort

However, the seats on the 450X are not really family oriented. The Ather Rizta is likely to change that with a larger more comfortable seat. This means a large number of audience will be able to enjoy the Rizta. In addition to this, the Rizta is also likely to get a larger floorboard and a completely new design. The brand is likely to use the same electric motor as the flagship 450X but the battery pack is likely to be larger than the Ather 450X.

Ather has announced that the Ather Rizta will make its debut on the 6th April 2024.

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