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Ather Grid will cut off charging at 80%

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Big news coming from Ather Energy. The EV maker has recently announced that their Ather Grids will soon get an 80 per cent cut-off. This feature will provide optimal charges for users. Furthermore, it will also reduce the wait time for others, thus providing fair usage for everyone. This feature is a great asset for a lot of riders. This is because, in city riding conditions, most of the riders don’t use the entire riding range daily.

What Is The Thing With Solenoid?

Ather Energy also talked about disconnecting the solenoid. Due to this charging won’t continue for safety reasons. The primary job of solenoids as we know is to manage the flow of electricity to the battery. So it could prove hazardous if someone tries to receive the charging plug when the solenoid is active.

The 80-per cent cut-off step by Ather Energy is a great way to reduce the overall wait time at public charging points. This will make the public more open towards getting an EV. Moreover, it will also aid the general EV industry, and create a habit among the owners to fully charge their e-scooters at home or office charging points. Think of it this way, the reduced charging time will allow more customers to charge their vehicles thus allowing more EVs at a time.

Demand Rising High For EVs In The Market

With the demand rising high for EVs, the need of the hour is a viable charging infrastructure. With the growing number of EVs, it is equally important to set up a well-connected charging infrastructure to support the growing number of EVs. Ather’s range of electric scooters is garnering significant sales in the market. Taking advantage of the first mover strategy, Ather has been doing it all. The EV has constantly updated its product to stay relevant in the market. And at the same time take on the other options in the market.

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