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Ather Energy opens 1st experience center in Mysore

Written by Nayak

Ather Energy extends its reach to the city of Mysore in Karnataka. This takes the total count of Ather Energy Experience Centre in the country to 20. And for Karnataka, this is the third Ather Experience Centre, the other two being in Bengaluru. Ather Energy has confirmed that both the 450X and 450 Plus are available for test rides and purchase via this outlet. The recent demand for electric two-wheelers is an indicator that e-mobility is the future in the automotive industry. Ather Energy, along with numerous other electric vehicle companies, is increasingly expanding its network. In addition to this, the charging infrastructure is also getting better as the number of EVs plying on the roads increases.

Ather Grid In Mysore

With the growing number of EVs, supporting the riders with viable charging infrastructure is equally important. As the company likes to call its charging station, Ather Grid has found its place in the important areas of Mysore. Currently, riders will find these fast-charging points in four different locations in the city. This includes Hinkal, Nazarbad Mohalla, Gokulam Road, and Vijayanagar. Furthermore, the company has confirmed to add 8 to 10 more charging points in the near future. This will help alleviate the range anxiety and enable the riders with stress-free rides. For the convenience of the customers, Ather Energy will also help them in setting up charging solutions at their apartments and buildings.

Demand For EVs In Karnataka At An All-Time High

Over the past few years, the Karnataka state government has been quite instrumental in EV growth. It has come with several policies favouring the sale of EVs in the state. In fact, the state government has also decided to replace 50 per cent of the state government vehicles with electric by the next 2 to 3 years. And the inclusion of the Ather Experience Centre in Mysore will further provide an impetus for EV adoption. After the revised FAME II subsidy, Ather 450X retails at a sticker price of INR 1,44,500 (ex-showroom). Meanwhile, the Ather 450 Plus will cost INR 1,25,490 (ex-showroom).

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