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Ather Energy announces ‘Assured Buyback’ with returns up to INR 85,000 after 3 years

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Electric mobility solutions company, Ather Energy has introduced a first-of-its-kind program for electric vehicles in the Indian market. The new initiative from the Bangalore-based company is ‘Assured Buyback’ and as the name suggests Ather is offering its customers a guaranteed buyback for the Ather 450X at INR 85,000 at the end of 3 years. 

The initiative has been launched owing to the high reliability of the e-scooter. Ather has built its own li-ion battery and platform which has proven its reliability since it has been put into operation in 2018, first in Bengaluru and then in Chennai. Looking at the consistency of the Ather 450 product line the brand decided to offer a buyback program to its customers. 

The new buyback program will also reduce the customer’s anxiety and the initiative will encourage more people to adopt electric vehicles. Furthermore, to encourage and accelerate EV adoption in the country Ather is also offering lease model across other markets. The brand has introduced the leasing program only for the Bengaluru and Chennai market, in its initial phase. The leasing program allows customers to acquire Ather 450 by paying a smaller amount than the full and a nominal monthly fee. 

Ather Energy has also reduced the ex-showroom price of the Ather 450 Plus model, which can now be purchased at INR 139,990. Customers from Bengaluru can also exchange their old internal combustion engine vehicle opt for low-interest rate loans from multiple partners that Ather Energy has partnered for finance schemes. The brand has also revised the subscription plan rates which are now available in 4 independent packs that the customer can choose from depending on their usage.

The subscription plan now starts at INR 125 per month. Subscription plans include Ather Connect Lite (for all basic connected features), Ather Connect Pro, Ather Service Lite (periodic maintenance, RSA & labour) and Ather Service Pro (premium service experience). The brand has also announced that charging at public charging points, Ather Grid will be free until March 2021.