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Ather Energy announces EV servicing in 60 minutes

Ather Energy ExpressCare
Written by News Team

In a move to enhance the customer service experience, Ather Energy has launched ExpressCare. This innovative service allows scooter owners to have their vehicles serviced in just 60 minutes, ensuring a quick, efficient, and quality service.

Ather Energy ExpressCare

ExpressCare is designed to provide a seamless and swift service experience. The process involves two highly skilled technicians working simultaneously on a scooter, completing a comprehensive service in under 60 minutes. This represents a notable reduction from standard servicing times, allowing customers to resume their journeys promptly. To further streamline the process, ExpressCare workshops feature a robust appointment system, enabling customers to reserve service bays in advance for added convenience.

As of now, there are 20 ExpressCare service centers situated in the top 11 cities. Ather Energy aims to expand this network to 50 by March 2024 as part of its ongoing expansion strategy. ExpressCare marks a significant shift in vehicle servicing, prioritizing customer time without compromising on service quality.

Customers opting for the express service will incur a nominal premium, ranging between ₹125 to ₹150. Despite this, ExpressCare has already gained significant popularity, with over 2000 customers availing of the service in the last two months.

Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer of Ather Energy, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a seamless service experience as part of its ecosystem approach to building electric vehicles. ExpressCare is just one of the many services planned for introduction in the coming months to ensure a hassle-free experience for consumers.

Presently, Ather Energy operates 156 service centers across India, with plans to add 50 more by March 2024, further strengthening its service network. When there are concerns over EV maintenance and safety among consumers, this move from Ather Energy would give prospective buyers a bit more reassurance on the after-sales service front. Overall, a good move and initiative by Ather Energy to strengthen it’s after-sales support.