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Ather electric scooters could get longer range with bigger battery

Written by Nayak

Ather is looking for ways to attract more customers to join the brand. With the demand rising for electric vehicles, a host of EV makers have now ventured into the market, increasing the competition significantly. Almost all of the makers are producing to the best of their ability with all the latest tech and features. One key area where the customers are looking at is the riding range per charge.

Updated Ather Scooters On The Way

As per a new type-approval document leak, Ather Energy is working on an update for its 450 Plus and 450X electric scooter. With this, the scooters will have a better riding range when compared to the current model on sale. Currently, the capacity of the battery pack in the 450X is 2.9kWh. With the update, Ather could use a 3.66kWh battery pack, which is a big jump. Similarly, the existing motor is rated at 3.3kW/5.4kW (Nominal/Peak) for the 450 Plus and 3.3kW/6kW for the 450X.

Meanwhile, the updated scooter is rated at 3.1kW/6.4kW for what is likely to be the 450X and 3.1kW/5.8 kW for the 450 Plus. As of today, the 450 Plus and the 450X boast an ARAI-certified range of 116km and 100km, respectively. Now with the latest reports, it seems the latest model will come with a claimed mileage of 146km for the former and 108km for the latter. As a part of the update, the dimensions of the scooter have also grown. We assume this is to accommodate the larger battery pack.

Ather Against Its Rivals

Once launched, Ather Energy will look to continue its positive sales momentum. With an improved battery pack and range, we Ather will find more customers flocking into their showrooms. The chief rival for Ather in this segment is Ola S1 Pro, which carries a less hefty price tag. But then Ola has its own fair share of issues concerning the scooter.

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