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Ather 450S entry-level variant launched at INR 129,999

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Ather has launched the 450S entry-level electric scooter in India. The price is set at INR 1,29,999, ex-showroom. The Pro pack is an extra add-on for INR 14,000. Alongside, the company has also updated the flagship 450X.

What’s new in the Ather 450S?

Visually, the 450S is identical to the larger 450X save for the rear tyre size. The 450S comes with a slightly narrow rear wheel.

The Ather 450S comes with a new 7-inch display with updated switchgear. This time however, the display is not a touchscreen unit. Hence the need for the revised switches. The 450S now gets a joystick on the left side and a one click reverse button on the right.

There is now a FallSafe feature on the scooter as well. When the onboard computer detects changes in the speed and acceleration of the scooter, and a fall is inevitable, the scooter cuts off the motors. The indicators also start flashing. Ather has also incorporated an Emergency Stop Signal. When the rider brakes above 50 km/h, the brake lights blink, thereby giving a better visual cue to the traffic behind.

A new regen feature is also available. When the rider is going without any acceleration or braking, the system activates regen and the scooter slowly slows down. Ather claims an improvement of upto 7 percent in range using this.

Powertrain of the Ather 450S

The Ather 450S comes with a 2.9 kWh battery. It has a motor which drives the rear wheel via a belt. The motor is rated at 5.4 kW of peak power and 22 Nm of torque. The company claims a 0-140km/h time of 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 90 km/h.

The 450S can be charged at home using a regular charger or at the Ather Grid (fast charger). The home charger takes over 6.5 hours for a full charge while the fast charger will top up 1.5 km of range every minute.

Ather is also offering a Pro pack at a cost of INR 14,000. This will add some more features along with an extended battery warranty.

Deliveries of the Ather 450S

Ather has planned to deliver this scooter in a phased manner. The first lot is expected to hit the shelves by the end of August 2023.

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