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Aston Martin reveals Valkyrie Spider, limited to 85 units worldwide

Written by Nayak

Aston Martin’s latest Valkyrie Spider promises to deliver an F1-like experience in the form of a road-legal car. This hypercar unveiled on 12 August at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance redefines open-top luxury. Aston Martin and Adrian Newey put up the original Aston Martin Valkyrie programme. And hence, this hypercar gets cutting edge tech and unique solutions from both Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. All these add up to make the new Valkyrie Spider the most extreme open-top Aston Martin to date. The most critical challenge was to design this car with an open roof without any compromise to the hypercar’s performance.

Engine and Mechanicals

Powering the car is a 6.5-litre 1,155 PS hybrid V12 powertrain. There are some changes to the vehicle in terms of the other mechanicals. Aston Martin has made some alterations to the carbon fibre structure. In addition to this, both the active aerodynamic and active chassis systems have also received some revisions. All these will aid the car to deliver the utmost performance with an open roof. One of the key elements of the Valkyrie is its ultra-lightweight and high downforce aerodynamic package. With the roof off, the car can reach the maximum speed of 330+ kmph and 350+ kmph with the roof on.

Seating Position Of Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider

To match the experience of driving an F1 car, the seat position is also F1 inspired. The seat has a low hip-to-heel weight and a near central positioning. The 6-point safety harness adds to the protection of the occupants. The hypercar also gets a centre rear-view camera along with front and rear parking sensors. This will aid the driver in both low and high speed. The display of the camera sits just above the instrument panel. The lightweight removable roof adds more drama as the driver chooses to drive with or without one. The front-hinged dihedral door, exclusive to Valkyrie Spider, gets a design rework that makes it tilt forwards.

Availability And Delivery Dates

Aston Martin has confirmed that only 85 of these Valkyrie will make it onto the roads in both left and right-hand derivatives. The first batch of deliveries will start from the 2nd half of 2022.

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