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Ashok Leyland launches AVTR 4825 Tippers with H6 Engine

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Ashok Leyland, Hinduja Group’s flagship company and the country’s leading CV manufacturer, has launched its AVTR 4825 Tipper range with the H6 engine. The AVTR is India’s first modular truck platform that offers the entire range from 19T all the way up to 55T GVW trucks. Ashok Leyland says customer response for the AVTR range has exceeded its expectations. Furthermore, with the 4825 Tippers with the H6 engine, Ashok Leyland claims superior TCO and best-in-class safety.

Ashok Leyland AVTR 4825 Tippers with H6 Engine – Highlights

The versatile AVTR 4825 Tippers are available in multiple cabin and Tupper load body options to choose from. Thus, customers are able to choose one to suit their exact requirements. The Ashok Leyland AVTR 4825 H6 4V Tippers come factory-fitted with a 29 cu. m. box body. Other available options include an 18 cu. m and 23 cu. m box body. Furthermore, customers can also opt for a U-shaped body.

The CV maker says it is suitable for surface transportation of coal, road construction projects as well as infrastructure. Ashok Leyland also claims that it offers excellent drivability, ride comfort, reliability and faster turnaround time on rough terrains. Thus, ensuring more loads at a faster speed on continuous long hauls. This results in higher productivity, better operating economy and also fleet optimisation.

Ashok Leyland AVTR 4825 Tippers with H6 Engine – Powertrain

The highlight of AVTR 4825 Tippers is the H-series 4-valve 6-cylinder engine. The motor also benefits from Ashok Leyland’s i-Gen6 technology, which enhances performance and durability. The engine makes 250 HP of peak power at 2,400 rpm and 900 Nm of torque between 1,200 rpm and 1,900 rpm. The 4-valve setup and wide RPM range also offer better pick-up and higher fuel efficiency. It also allows for lesser gearshifts which in turn improves drivability. 

The H6 4V engine uses a new ZF 9-speed gearbox with a 395mm clutch plate. The gearbox offers higher reliability and durability. Ashok Leyland claims it has the lowest cost of service as it offers a 3000 hours oil change interval. At the same time, the bigger clutch offers increased clutch plate life and higher durability. It also gets hydraulic actuation with a clutch booster, which reduces fatigue during long hours of operation.

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