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Artem M9 will be India’s ‘Safest Electric Scooter’

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Yet another new start-up in the electric mobility space is promising to deliver more than anyone has. Artem Energy Future Pvt Ltd will be introducing their first ever electric scooter, the M9 which the brand claims will be the safest electric scooter on sale in India. Do note, Ather Energy had also revealed plans of introducing the S340 electric scooter years back, but nothing has materialised on the streets yet.

Artem reveals that the M9 electric scooter will come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which will include radar technology & cameras which will compute data for around 100 metres to provide alert notifications to the rider. The Artem M9 will have collision protection and collision alert warnings sent out to the rider. The scooter will provide vibration feedback on the handlebar whicle a smart helmet will display proximity warnings.

The Artem M9 will have a top speed of 90 kmph with a range of 100 km / charge and a 0-50 kmph acceleration time of 6 seconds. While we know that the electric scooter will get fast charging, no other engine specs have been revealed for now.

The Artem M9 will also feature emergency braking via Electro-Dynamic Braking (EDB) and will also send an SOS to 5 preset contacts in case of an accident so that you can get swift assistance.

Well, all this does sound good, but let’s wait and watch when a real customer can actually go out an buy one of these Artem M9 electric scooters.