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Armoured! Bulletproof Volvo XC90 now available

Written by Nizam Shaikh

If you are a businessman, a politician or a high profile personality who lives in an area that experiences political unrest or if you have a threat to life, the good news is that Volvo has announced the launch of its armoured XC90. The armoured SUV is bulletproof and joins the family of other luxury armoured cars from brands like Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

The armoured Volvo XC90 starts its life like any other SUV, but after putting in thousands of man hours. The company has created a bulletproof SUV that can be included among the best armoured vehicles in the world and has received the second best VPAM rating of VR8. The armoured XC90 can also protect its occupants from explosives. 

To keep things discreet the SUV looks like an ordinary XC90 on the outside but receives a heavy treatment of 10 mm thick high-strength steel armour plating and 50 mm thick glass on the windscreen and windows. The steel and glass make the car 1.4 tonnes heavier and the armoured car weighs nearly 4.5 tonnes as compared to the standard 2.2 tonnes approximately. 

The armoured Volvo XC90 is manufactured at Volvo’s Torslanda facility in Sweden and will come in the T6 all-wheel-drive trim. The protection work will be taken care of by TRASCO at their Bremen plant in Germany. 

To bear all the added weight the chassis of the car is strengthened and the suspension and brakes have been upgraded to stop all the weight. Other features in the car could be an escape hatch from the trunk and are also likely to get fire suppression systems in the engine compartment. Other details on the armoured car are classified.

The brand has opened bookings for the armoured Volvo XC90 with deliveries commencing from 2020.