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Apollo launches ‘Bhim’ SCV tyres, Loading ka Mahabali

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Leading tyre manufacturer “Apollo Tyres Ltd” has introduced the ‘Bhim’ range of tyres for small commercial vehicles (SCVs). Designed and developed at its Global R&D centre in Chennai, the Bhim range offers unmatched load-carrying capability, best-in-class durability and 10% better mileage than other tyres in this segment. Built on the ‘HEART’ platform, these tyres are robust, bigger and bulkier, thanks to customer considerations and hence the positioning statement of ‘Loading ka Mahabali’.

Rib and Lug Tread

The ‘Bhim’ range of tyres consists of the RIB and LUG, respectively. These tyres have an aggressive tread pattern with a refreshed side wall and window design, giving them the best-in-class appearance. The open groove design ensures improved heat dissipation and durability with fewer sinusoid and straighter ribs, providing better steering ability. The LUG range consists of dual angle tread orientation, resulting in optimum traction for uniform wear and avoiding uneven shoulder wear.

Heat Resistance with Dura-Cool Thread Technology

Apollo’s Bhim range of tyres come with a dura-cool thread compound. This allows for 30% lower heat generation with heat resistant piles as well as strong casing & bead. The ‘UBT’ manufacturing process of the tyres has also led to providing the best-in-class durability. As the small commercial vehicle’s bias market in India hovers around 1,65,000 tyres a month per month, Apollo Tyres aims to get a share of this market with the introduction of these tyres and two Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in order to cater to nearly 80% of the market in this segment.

Other News

With the ever-increasing demand for SUVs in the Indian Market, Apollo Tyres has introduced a new range of tyres specifically built for this segment. Research studies conclude that the tyre market for SUVs in India hovers around 4,00,000 units per month. Apollo’s new ‘Apterra Cross’ range aims to acquire the highest share in the tyre market for SUVs.

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