An adventure on three wheels – The Rickshaw Run

An adventure on three wheels - The Rickshaw Run
Written by Paarth Powale

Ever wondered of doing a tour in a rickshaw? A UK based firm named ‘The League of Adventurists’ organizes the weirdest race ever! A 3,500 km Pan India race in a rickshaw. 83 teams from over 23 countries gather in Shillong, Meghalaya on 5th August, where they will commence their journey with no support and backup. This 3500 Km journey will end in Kochi, Kerala with grand party.

There are two other runs with this. One held in January from Cochin to Jaisalmer(2,500 Kms) and the other in April, from Jaisalmer to Shillong(2,700 kms).

The run has no set route, no rules, no backup and no way of knowing if the participants are going to make it. But the proceeds from the race goes to a good cause. Each team raises £1000 for charity which is going towards the official rainforest preservation charity named “Cool Earth”. The Rickshaw run has now raised over £2,000,000. That’s close to whopping $3.1 million!

The Rickshaw run not just raises money for charity, but also shows participants what the real India and not just a land of snake charmers. The generosity the locals show towards these teams and the serene beauty of mother India creates memories for these participants they will never forget.

Check out some of the pics from the run.