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Ampere rolls out 50,000th electric two-wheeler

Written by Nayak

Ampere, the electric two-wheeler maker under Greaves Electric Mobility, is witnessing a steady growth in sales volume. The EV maker recently rolled out its 50,000th electric scooter from its manufacturing facility in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. Hence, this further ascertains the customers’ position in terms of buying electric vehicles.

Ampere and also the entire EV industry are going through an expansion. Hence the sales are ever-growing. Furthermore, customers are also increasingly growing conscious of the advantages of owning an EV. Full support from state and central government is an added advantage that is pushing the sales of EVs. The environment aspect also resonated perfectly with the customers. They now feel they make a significant contribution by riding an electric vehicle.

Ampere’s Growing Sales Volume

The successful production of 50,000 units speaks volumes of the brand’s testament to customers’ trust. Ampere set up the Ranipet manufacturing facility to disrupt the Indian transportation landscape and create an affordable and sustainable ecosystem. The above proves the brand has achieved its target. Furthermore, with the recent investment, Ampere will also look to put on more work. The company aims to play a pivotal role in achieving the country’s target of growing the number of electric vehicles to 30 per cent by 2030.

Other Updates

Ampere recently launched an experience centre for the customers to experience its range of products. This has come up in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. With this, customers will get a first-hand experience of owning an Ampere EV. The centre has an array of digital services and interfaces that will educate the customers on EV technology.

Ampere is one of the fastest-growing EV makers and is doing it all to provide its customers with the best ownership experience. As we advance, with competition increasing in this segment, Ampere will bring more innovative products and services to keep up with its rivals. The EV industry is all set to grow from here. Hence, Ampere will look to make the most out of this.

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