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Ampere inaugurates Experience Centre at Ranipet

Written by Akhil Dalvi

The electric mobility subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Ltd, Greaves Electric Mobility, has inaugurated its latest Ampere experience center at Ranipet. Located in Tamil Nadu, the newly launched mega EV facility sports a unique design with digital interventions meant for customers. Ampere states that it launched the new EV facility thanks to its multiple stakeholders, customers, channel partners, and suppliers. Ampere is currently one of India’s fastest-growing EV brands, thanks to the investments made into people, technology, and infrastructure.

Significance of the new Experience Center

With this new Experience Center, Ampere aims to provide a combination of a physical and a digital experience for customers. Interested buyers can then check out their new products, understand the world of EVs & Ampere, and interact with EV experts. The new Experience Center allows customers to engage through digital interfaces for a simple and easy understanding of EV technology.

Ampere states that the new center also caters to millennials as it attracts them towards a new age of mobility and freedom. Within the cool and cozy Experience Center, individuals can experience smart-tech integrated next-gen automotive technology at the EV lounge bar. Greaves Electric Mobility has taken inspiration from the world’s leading customer experience centers for their new dealership at Ranipet.

Ampere’s Current Plans

Ampere’s one-stop center will assist and help out customers to maintain their excellent service and create an impression. Being one of India’s fastest-growing EV brands, Ampere has a presence in both the B2C and B2B markets. The brand currently showcases a wide product portfolio that spans multiple segments and is training mechanics to satisfy customers. Ampere aims to fulfil the demands of its clients and create opportunities to promote customer convenience.

The brand offers affordable, trendy, and easy-to-operate city-oriented electric 2-wheelers with high and low-speed versions. Recently, Greaves Electric Mobility announced its overall sales report for 2021, in which it recorded a sales growth of 6X. In December 2021, the company sold a total of over 10,000 EVs which includes two and three-wheelers. When compared to its sales figure from December 2020, Greaves Electric Mobility registered an increased growth of 101%.

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