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All Yamaha scooters get UBS (Unified Braking System)

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Yamaha has updated all of their scooters on sale in India with UBS. UBS stands for Unified Braking System. This is nothing but combi brake technology which we have been familiar with in other mass market scooters.

CBS as we know it, or UBS as Yamaha is now terming the technology helps in better braking performance. Although you might use just one of the brakes to bring the scooter to a halt, the system applies equal brake force on both the front and rear wheels. This ensures a safer and much quicker slow down of the vehicle. Also, CBS has been made mandatory on all scooters up to 125cc engine capacity by the authorities.

Yamaha retails the Fascino and Cygnus Ray Z & Cygnus Ray ZR scooters in India with prices ranging between INR 51,000 – 59,000.

Apart from this, the 2019 range of Yamaha scooters also come with maintenance free batteries.