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All-new Mahindra Thar coming before 2020

Crash safety norms are about to change, fuel quality and emission norms are also about to change, and the current generation Mahindra Thar is going to be unable to match up. However, Mahindra knows that the Thar is their crown jewel, and they are not willing to give up on this icon. Reports suggest that work has begun on the new generation Mahindra Thar, and this capable SUV in its new avatar will be available before 2020.

A product which started its journey as a Willys Jeep in the early days, today remains a jugaad car with parts fit on it from here and there. The current Thar is low on safety, low on comfort, low on efficiency, but, still a very capable 4×4 SUV unlike any other in the market. Mahindra gave the Thar its latest update way back in 2015, and that could very well be the final update on this icon before it jumps the gun to become something very different.

The new Thar is going to be based on an all-new platform. This will make the Thar longer yet stronger than ever. Also, this new chassis is expected to be able to make the Thar more comfortable and will also have a BSVI engine plonked on it to meet future fuel and emission norms.

Apart from this, there are no details known about the new car. Yes, it will become more expensive, and easily ask for over a million rupees. Seating layout, engine capacity, design changes, equipment additions, etc. and other such details are not to be known. But when the new Thar arrives, we can be sure it will generate polarizing opinions. While some will hail the changes and the new car, fanboys will miss the old icon.

Crash test norms come into play from April 2020, so we can expect the all-new Thar by or before this.