Akrapovic full moon custom: Wildlife

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Highlighting the work of Slovenia based exhaust manufacturer Akrapovic, for the American V-Twin engines, a Slovenian workshop called Dream Machine Motorcycles have constructed an otherworldly and jaw dropping motorcycle from scratch.

Called ‘Wildlife’, this new motorcycle is basically a concept kind and is based upon an replica of S&S Knucklehead’s engine. The futuristic motorcycle is a take on the retro design styling with exotic body work and a massive 30-inch carbon front wheel. With no visible controls and cables, the clean bodywork is a statement of art in itself. With a one-off Akrapovic exhaust system that is seamlessly incorporated into built-from-sheet bodywork, it’s a striking statement that will draw attention to the Akrapovic brand at custom bike shows around the world over the coming years.

Have a look…

full_moon_1 full_moon_2 full_moon_3 full_moon_4_0 full_moon_7