Airbus reveals 3D printed bike weighing just 35 kg

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Being known for making one of the finest airplanes and serving as one of the most reputed aeronautical manufacturer, Airbus has taken the game a step beyond their territory by making the world’s first 3D motorcycle.

Airbus has named it as ‘Light Rider’ because it weighs just 35 kg only. Powered by a battery, this mountain bike crossbreed is capable of achieving a top whack of 80 kmph. The fun part is that it could deliver a range of 60 km on a full charged battery.


For construction, Airbus has used micro-thin layers of metallic powder fused by lasers thus leading to a total of weight of swing-arm and frame stand at just at 6 kg.

Airbus is working on a ‘proper motorcycle’ concept which will also be powered by an electric motor, thus we can expect Airbus to be a part of e-vehicle industry soon.

Well if you are thinking to own one of these 50 ever to be made crossbreed ‘Light Rider’, we’ll say think twice, because it costs Rs. 37.86 lakh to order one. But then, riding an Airbus makes that cost worth it.