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acti.ev: Tata.EV’s Pure Electric Platform – All You Need to Know

Written by News Team

acti.ev is Tata.EV’s first pure EV architecture. The acronym stands for Advanced Connected Tech – Intelligent Electric Vehicle Architecture. The Punch.EV and upcoming Tata.EV vehicles will be based on the same platform. Tata.EV will launch 5 products on this platform in the next 18 months. The architecture is made up of four layers:

Layer 1 – The Powertrain:

The first layer will house the Powertrain. The Powertrain consists of the battery pack and the motor(s). The new battery pack will house high-energy density cells that have a 10% increased volumetric density. This means the EVs will deliver a longer range. The platform can hold batteries that can deliver a range of 300 km to 600 km, depending on the size of the EV. The architecture can have a front wheel, rear wheel, or all-wheel drivetrain. It can also support fast charging up to 150 kW on DC chargers and up to 11 kW on-board chargers for AC fast charging.

Layer 2 – The Chassis:

The architecture supports chassis of various styles and sizes. That includes hatchbacks, compact SUVs, SUVs, notchbacks, and coupe body styles. The body structures will be made up of reinforced steel and will be BNCAP/GNCAP 5-Star ready. The chassis will be built in a way so that space is maximized. All acti.EV cars will have a flat floorboard for rear comfort. For storage, all cars will also have a frunk which will add to the luggage carrying capacity.

Layer 3 – Electrical Architecture

The Snapdragon Digital chassis powers the electrical architecture. This will provide a better user experience with the help of an advanced HMI. The acti.EV architecture can also support ADAS up to Level 2 powered by Mobileye and is upgradable to Level 2+. The system is 5G ready for faster connectivity and OTA updates. The platform also supports Vehicle-to-load (V2L) and reverse charging.

Layer 4 – Cloud Architecture:

The cloud architecture is the home for Tata.EV’s Arcade.EV application suite. This will provide specific apps for day-to-day ease of use of the Tata.EV cars.

The new EV architecture does look promising. We will get to witness the first car with this architecture in the Punch.EV