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Welcome to www.Shifting-Gears.com

www.Shifting-Gears.com is an automotive website that focuses only on the Indian car scene. Our easy-to-navigate homepage ensures that readers find the right content effortlessly. We provide in-depth reviews of cars and bikes for a comprehensive view, along with a detailed photo gallery that helps us cater to both, those who love text, and those who prefer visuals over words.

Honest to the core, we shout out for what’s good and voice it up equally for something that needs improvement.

We are proud of our stand to not write articles from around the world and refrain from posting articles that have no relevance to our marketplace. We are here with an aim to learn, share and educate with an unbiased point of view.

We emphasise on road safety and advocate the same through our reports and reviews.


A born gearhead, Parichay Malvankar loves anything and everything on wheels. He is a BMS graduate, holds a diploma from Welingkar Institute of Management and is currently pursuing his MBA from Symbiosis.

He is a staunch follower of Formula 1, and for him, the sport has always been about the Finnish drivers — from Mika Hakkinen to Kimi Raikkonen.

www.Shifting-Gears.com is close to his heart and he shall use this medium not only to keep readers updated about the Indian automotive industry but also to promote road safety.

His professional interests beyond the automotive world lie in the logistics and shipping industry. Big ships, big cranes, big containers and endless waters fascinate him; also because he has seen his father handle all of this with ease.

“It’s a good thing to have dreams in life, but it’s even better to have fixed goals”