‘’A message to space’’ Hyundai’s viral video

‘’A message to space’’ Hyundai’s viral video
Written by Paarth Powale

We came across this amazing video that has been going viral for a while. It’s about a Texan girl named Stephanie, who misses her astronaut father working at the international space station. Hyundai was kind enough to commission fleet of Hyundai Genesis cars using navigation system to write a message in a desert that can be seen from space.

How big was the message? Well as per Stephanie the message has to be as big as her city. Scoring a Guinness world record for the largest tyre-track image ever, Hyundai wrote a message that is 2.1 square miles big.

The video called ‘’A message to space’’ went viral with 69,436,979 views currently and growing. Take a look at the video below.