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7-Seater Renault Duster spotted before global debut

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The much-anticipated 7-seater variant of the Renault Duster has been spotted during road tests, signaling its imminent global unveiling.

Renault Bigster?

The vehicle in question, believed to be the Renault Duster-based Bigster SUV, was seen undergoing testing ahead of its scheduled debut later this year. The Bigster model is set to be introduced initially under the Dacia brand, with a Renault-branded version slated to follow.

Renault/Dacia Bigster

Dacia Bigster Concept

The Bigster will share many design cues and body panels with the Duster. However, it will also feature some design differences, along with differentiated tech, equipment, and features lists. The Bigster will be approximately 4.6 meters long, around 300mm longer than the new Duster, which measures in at 4.34 meters in length. The wheelbase will also be slightly longer, and the rear door will be larger than the Duster.

Powertrain Options

The three-row  SUV is expected to share its powertrain line-up with the latest-gen Duster. The Duster comes with three engine options – two of which are electrified. The first is a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol hybrid that gets two electric motors. This engine comes with an automatic gearbox. It also comes with regenerative braking and a 1.2 kWh battery, enabling pure electric driving for up to 80 percent of the time in the city.

The other engine is the 130 hp, 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo-petrol coupled with a 48V starter motor. While the Duster will also come with a 1.0-litre petrol-LPG option in some markets, there is no diesel option in any market right now.

Bigster Off-road Capabilities

The Bigster will get 4×2 and 4×4 options, depending on the market. Just like the new Duster, it won’t get a proper 4×4 setup like the ladder-frame-based Jimny, but it does get terrain modes that include Auto, Snow, Mud/Sand, off-road, and Eco.

The new Duster will make a comeback in India in the second half of 2025. It is anticipated that the Bigster will follow suite and will be launched a few months after the Duster.

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