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616 Indian Challenger motorcycles recalled for an engine bearing issue

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The 2020 Model Year Indian Challenger motorcycle has been recalled for an inadequately lubricated bearing in the engine that could cease during operation and cause power loss in the engine and also is a probable cause for concern as the rider may lose control over the motorcycle and crash due to the sudden loss of power. It is important to note that as of now no crash incidents due to the fault have been reported.

The number of vehicles that are estimated to be affected by the recall is 616 out of which 1% of vehicles are estimated to have the defect but the actual estimation according to the manufacturer could be as less as 0.1% but constraints in the system only allow a percentage of 1% or more for the potentially defective. The population has been determined by a quality audit.

The bearing in question is located in the output shaft on the 2020 Indian Challenger and a few examples could have gone into the assembly without proper lubrication. Motorcycles assembled from 15th of July 2019 to 20th of January 2020 may be affected by the recall. The brand has rectified the assembly after the fault was found. 

According to Indian Motorcycles if the bearing in the 2020 challenger went without adequate lubrication the bearing would fail in the first few miles and the engine is also likely to make an audible sound. The brand also suggests that customers with 49 miles (79 km) or less on the odometer should not operate the vehicle and Indian Motorcycle Company will arrange a tow vehicle for the motorcycle to be transported to a dealership where the bearing will be lubricated. There is no requirement of any part replacement and the tow service and lubrication will be free of cost.

For customers that have more than 50 miles (80 km) on their odometer, the vehicle has demonstrated that the affected part is adequately lubricated, as lack of lubrication presents failure in low mileage and no further course of action is required for those motorcycles.