6 things to carry while riding in the city

Written by Paarth Powale

Here’s a list of must haves for any slick city rider:

A FULL face helmet goes without saying, so I’m not going to specifically put it on the list.

Balaclava: Yes, we all sweat inside the helmet, anyone who rides with a lid during the hottest summer days can tell you how bad. Not to mention the building up stink. A good balaclava will cost you somewhere between 500-1000rs, but it has numerous advantages. Minimizes bacterial buildup that builds the stink. More importantly it protects your face from the carbon makeup that you’d get otherwise. And nothing beats the ninja look you can portray once your helmet is off.



Jacket: A full length jacket is advisable. Leather or textile doesn’t matter as long as it has CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors, a back protector is a plus. I do prefer textile jackets as it’s easier to take care of and also more forgiving on you during summer days as compared to leather ones. Jacket with reflective material is a bonus. Not only does it protect you in an unfortunate event of a crash but also makes you stand out. You WILL make heads turn :D. And you don’t want that crisp white shirt to turn black when you’re on your way for a job interview.

Flat tyre fix kit: Nothing is more deflating than a flat tyre, especially when your girlfriend has already been waiting for over an hour. A can of ‘Fix-a-Flat’ comes in handy. It’s a single use aerosol tin-can which provides quick but temporary solution for small punctures caused by nails and pins. All you have to do is connect it to the tyre nozzle, inflate and you’re good to go for a couple of miles or to the nearest gas station. Not recommended for bikes installed with TPMS though. Another option is the more conventional tyre plug kit, a more reliable and efficient fix if you’re willing to put some muscle into it.



First aid kit: There’s an old saying that there are two types of riders, ‘the ones that have gone down’ and the ‘ones that will go down’. With this uncertainty it’s essential to put together a first aid kit for your bike. It can be a small pack which fits under your motorcycle seat. A basic first aid kit is available at any medical store near you.

Backpack: All this stuff needs to be carried right? Invest in a good backpack. A water resistant one would be worthwhile to protect your electronic items like phones in case of an unexpected downpour. Personal favorite in backpacks- OGIO Mach 5.

Cool Head: Last but not the least, carrying a cool head. With all that traffic, riding in the city can be frustrating. Keeping calm in situations will help you think faster get you through your ride safely and without haste.

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