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50,000+ Ola scooter customers get MoveOS 2

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Ola Electric has launched the much-awaited Move OS 2 for all of its customers at the Ola Futurefactory. According to the company, the new update will make the S1 Pro even better with greater convenience and enhanced accessibility. Furthermore, Ola says it will also add to the sheer riding pleasure of the electric scooter. The new update will now be available to the 50,000+ scooters that are already out on the road. Also, all the new scooters to roll out of the factory will now come with the latest update.

To celebrate the public roll-out of the new Move OS 2, Ola hosted all its customers at the Ola Futurefactory. According to the company, the Ola Futurefactory is the world’s largest and most advanced 2-wheeler factory. This was the very first time the company did so, making it an experience to remember for its customers.

In addition to this, Ola also felicitated S1 Pro owners who achieved more than 200 km on a single charge on their S1 Pros. Around 100 winners of this challenge by Ola took home a brand new, limited-edition ‘Gerua’ colour Ola S1 Pro scooters.

Ola’s Move OS 2 – What’s New?

The company will roll out the new Move OS 2 via an over-the-air (OTA) update to more than 50,000 S1 Pro scooters in India. In addition to new features, the update also promises the previously reported bug fixes. Although these were isolated instances, the issues included range drop, battery discharge and other minor bugs. Below is a quick overview of all the new features in the Move OS 2 for the Ola S1 Pro – 

Companion App

Riders can now access their scooters using the Ola Electric Companion app remotely. The app will let users lock/unlock and open the boot of the scooter with just a few clicks. In addition to this, owners can also access important vehicle metrics. These include real-time charge status, range across various modes, odometer reading, software version and much more.

Music Playback

Adding fun to the rides will be the new Music Playback feature. The feature will let riders pair their smartphones to the S1 Pro via Bluetooth. Then, riders can play music on the go while riding or when stationary as well.

Eco Mode

The company’s all-new Eco mode promises an industry-leading range of 165 km per charge. Thus, putting the range anxiety to rest. Using the new Eco mode, over 100 Ola S1 Pro customers have already achieved more than 200 km on a single charge. 

Cruise Control

According to Ola, constant twisting of the throttle will be a thing of the past. This is thanks to the new Crusie Control feature, which we usually see on premium 4-wheelers. Using the Cruise Control feature, S1 Pro owners can now maintain a steady speed between 20 kmph to 80 kmph on congestion-free routes. Except for the Eco mode, riders can use Cruise Control in all the other modes. The feature aims to offer more comfort and a smoother riding experience.


Last but not least, Ola S1 Pro riders can now use Navigation on their electric scooters. The Move OS 2 now enables turn-by-turn navigation support and also a live route map on the scooter’s dashboard. However, for a seamless navigation experience, Ola says in some cases, it might require a hardware upgrade. The hardware upgrade will fix the GPS antenna of the scooter for a smoother navigation experience. Ola says if an S1 Pro owner faces issues, they can initiate a voluntary upgrade to resolve the issue.

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