5 Steps to ensure maximum resale price for your vehicle

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

May it be a car or a motorcycle, selling your vehicle is one of the toughest part of an ownership. We all love our vehicles and their role in our lives can’t be denied in any sense. Reaching office, to weekend family visits or long trips with friends and families; they play an important role. So, when time comes and you need to replace it with something new, everyone of us would want to gain maximum out of it.

The question arises how? Read here.



Maintaining your vehicle since the day you brought it is the most important thing that is considered while reselling. I got 20 thousand INR more for my motorcycle just because of the condition it was in. Regular servicing, proper maintenance, authentic part replacements, regular shampooing and waxing, with good driving habits results in surprising money at the time of resale. So, in order to sell your vehicle, start caring it from the day your buy it.



Before you sell, do a research for the real MSP of your vehicle. Visit local markets individually as a customer. Meet dealers and try to fetch the average amount that you might get for your product. Do an online research for the same. This would lead you to determine the best MSP you might want to sell your product. An overpriced vehicle won’t sell while under priced would leave you regretting, so get it right.


Another thing that can help you in getting good value for your vehicle is finding a direct buyer. People often tend to resale their cars/bikes through service guys or aftermarket dealers. These dealers not only create holes in your pocket but also lead to battering of your experience. Try to find a direct buyer and try not to let other people interfere in between the selling process, may it be friends or known people. Online sales are also a good option to sell a vehicle at decent price.


When you meet a good interested buyer, welcome them. Respecting a buyer is the most important thing. Talk positively to them, make them sit and relax. Give them good vibes about your vehicle. Let them drive/ride it the way they want to check it. Ensure for fake buyers, some might end up stealing your product. A good behavior might not always get you money but would definitely let you gain respect.


The last but not the least. Tell the buyer truth about your vehicles. How many dents or repairs it got, how it crashed or how your dropped it or how that scratch surfaced the vehicle. Stop from practicing false tactics like “odometer back” or telling lies to the customer like it never crashed or anything. Telling truth makes the buyer more confident about you and your vehicle and would help them buying it easily. Also, any after selling problems won’t be blamed over you. Proper documentations of vehicle and fraud less buy is always a buyers choice.

Sell your vehicle at a good rate, fetch maximum money but never forget the principles of the market or betray the buyer. Sell wise, drive wise.

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