5 Interesting Automotive Trends To Look Out For In The Year 2018

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Today cars are no longer only about four wheels and an engine. The automotive industry is developing by leaps and bounds every day. From just an engine and four wheels, the automotive technology has become more sophisticated than ever now. The world keeps on changing, and so do people and their needs. People want more of comfort, plush and luxury in their cars today.

Here are some of the most exhilarating auto trends of 2018 in the industry which will make you ogle at the latest cars with wonder.


  • Semi-autonomous cars


The thought of sitting in your semi-autonomous car and holding your morning coffee is nothing short of a dream. A positive point is that it is happening, though a fully self-driving car is yet not available, semi-autonomous cars have already taken the centre stage at various expos. And with the current growth in automobile advent, fully-autonomous car models are very nearly a possibility.

This means that without your supervision, your car can effectively brake, accelerate or steer. This trend means that the driver just has to monitor the car and step in only during an emergency.


  • Bluetooth connection


Yes, yes your phone does get connected through Bluetooth in your car, but it is often problematic even in high-tech cars.  This year, Honda came up with a new revelation – Near Field Communication. This allows you to sync your phone through the Bluetooth by just tapping against a stylized “N” on the dashboard and voila!

Hands-free calls and playing music just got easier. You won’t even have to use your hands and go through the tedious process of waiting for your phone Bluetooth to pair and then connect.


  • Lane departure warning


A technology which helps you to stay in your lane. This could bring about a radical change in way traffic works in India. Accidents from crossing lanes and driving into oncoming traffic can be catastrophic, and they can happen all too easily with a momentary distraction. In such cases, technology could be a lifesaver! This auto trend is here to make your life easy.

A technology which helps you stay in lane by giving you a virtual warning through a sound or vibration if you’re drifting from the marked lines on the road (it will automatically deactivate if you use a turn signal.) This technology works with the help of cameras. A similar system is Lane Keeping Assist. This technology nudges your car and helps you bring it back in the lane.


  • Electric vehicles will be the king.


Looking at the increasing concern for environment, electric cars will soon replace the cars of today. With new technology, long-lasting batteries will be produced which will ultimately lead to a rise in demand for electric cars. People are realising the harm that the acid batteries do to the environment and hence shifting to electric cars will be a significant auto trend. Not only will the manufacturers provide such innovative models but automobile inspection entities as eco-inspection will provide support for the same.


  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Almost all the infotainment systems in our cars are not so user-friendly. They tend to confuse and are too complicated. While driving if you try to fuss around with this, you might bang against a car or the pavement. With new-tech, you can replace your panel given by the manufacturer with a panel by Apple or Android, just by connecting your phone. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both offer feature through which you can control car’s stereo, navigation and control climate. They give you access to all the files on your phone- music to contacts.

Recent trends in the automotive industry could lead to a massive change in the lifestyle of people. New technology is being introduced every day which is turning cars more into a ‘smart’ electronic rather than just a mere mode of transport. These upcoming cars will be more focused on the customer comfort. Every brand will centre its services on the motto- ‘Consumer is the King’.