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4-wheeler autorickshaws debut in Delhi

4-wheeler autorickshaws debut in Delhi
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Transport department has started giving permits to four-wheeled autorickshaws in New Delhi as a trial run. Soon, the national capital might see plenty of quadricycles plying on the streets as autorickshaws officially.

The transport department has given three-four permits for the operation of such four-wheeler autorickshaws in Delhi. These new people carriers will be allowed to accommodate only three passengers, just like the three-wheeler autorickshaws. These quadricycles will also be placed under the same category as the existing three-wheeled ones. Even the colour for the new rickshaws will be similar to those currently doing the rounds.

The government has relaxed the cap of autorickshaws up to 1 lakh in 2011. Currently there are 85,000 rickshaws in the city. However, the local Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh has opposed this decision. They claim that being closed from all sides, these new rickshaws are not safe; which we find absurd.

Competition among public transport will surely benefit the common man struggling to find seats in a bus or enough autorickshaws to travel in.

Source – ET Auto