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4 new 350cc Royal Enfield motorcycles coming to India in 2 years

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Royal Enfield has announced its plans to launch 4 more 350cc motorcycles in the coming 2 years. In the past 12 months, Royal Enfield launched the new Classic 350 in 2021 along with the Meteor in 2020. According to Royal Enfield, the upcoming bikes will utilize its new J platform with the first launch being the Bullet 350. Codenamed the J1B, the new Bullet 350 will replace the current Bullet 350 along with the Bullet 350 ES.

Royal Enfield Bobber Motorcycle

Next on the list is a Bobber motorcycle based on the current-gen Classic 350, codenamed the J1H. According to Royal Enfield, the J1H will sport a single-seat, bobber-styled tall handlebar, and white wall tires. Reportedly, the J1H will be the most expensive and the last one to launch out of the 4 upcoming bikes.

Royal Enfield Urban Segment Bikes

Meanwhile, Royal Enfield will likely position the final two bikes as urban motorcycles with the current codenames J1C2 and J1C1. With both bikes being identical to each other, one of the codenamed bikes has been codenamed the ‘Hunter.’ When Royal Enfield launches the upcoming J1C2, it will be the brand’s most affordable bike across the country. The brand plans to share most of the J1C2’s parts with its more premium sibling, the J1C1.

Reportedly, the brand also plans to give the J1C2 fewer features and simple-looking body panels to keep it affordable. Royal Enfield plans to launch the four new bikes in India by the end of 2022. The brand also expects to bring in more volumes via the upcoming bikes since some models are selling better overseas.

Royal Enfield Sales

Royal Enfield recently announced its sales report for the month of October 2021. The brand has sold a total of 44,133 units in comparison to 66,891 units sold in October 2020. For the domestic market, Royal Enfield sold a total of 40,611 units in comparison to 62,858 units in October 2020. Overall, based on the numbers Royal Enfield has reported a growth of -35% and exported a total of 3,522 units. In comparison, Royal Enfield exported 4,033 units in October 2020 which resulted in a growth of -13%.

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