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2023 Toyota Innova Hycross radar-based features

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Toyota has finally unveiled the much awaited Innova Crysta successor. The Innova Zenix was unveiled in the Indonesian market. The same Innova is going to debut in India as well later this week as the Innova Hycross. It is said that the Indian Innova Hycross will be almost identical to the Innova Zenix. This means that the features offered on the Zenix could make its way to the Hycross as well. The most interesting as well as a first for any Toyota in India is the radar-based features.

Radar-based features on the Toyota Innova Hycross

Toyota has offered the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 technology with the car. This includes six SRS airbags, Vehicle stability control, Hill start assist, 360-degree camera, Blind spot monitor as well as radar based safety aids. Let us take a look at the radar based aids in detail:

1. Pre-collision System (PCS)

This is nothing but the forward collision warning and auto-brake system. The radar that is located in front of the car detects the presence of an obstruction or another vehicle in the front and prevents a collision by first alerting the driver to an impending collision and if no action is taken, the car will brake on its own to prevent a crash. This system is now mandatory in the latest crash test norms as a precursor to achieve a 5-star rating.

2. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

When driving on the highway and activating the cruise control system, the car will follow the vehicle in front at a predetermined safe distance. This means that when the vehicle in front slows down, so will the Innova Hycross, and when it speeds up, the MPV will reach the set cruise control speed.

3. Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)

As the name suggests, the car will be able to detect the presence of lane marking by the help of a forward camera. When the lane is crossed, either intentionally or unintentionally, the car will alert the driver by a way of a sound alert. It will also assist the driver to keep the car in its lane, especially on corners and turns.

4. Automatic High Beam (AHB)

High beam driving menace is a big problem in India. With Automatic High Beam, the car will determine if there is the requirement of high beam and turn it on automatically. In case it detects an oncoming vehicle or if there is another vehicle in front of the car travelling in the same direction, it will automatically dip the headlamps.

Toyota Innova Hycross launch in India

The Innova Hycross will be built at Toyota’s plant in Bidadi. As per sources, Innova Hycross will have more premium pricing when compared to Innova Crysta. Thus we are expecting the MPV to retail in the range somewhere between INR 22 lakh to INR 28 lakh, ex-showroom.

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