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2023 Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 colours reveals before launch

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Royal Enfield is looking forward to launching the new Himalayan 452 in early November. Now, the bike has been spied with new colours.

New colours on the Royal Enfield Himalayan 452

The new Himilayan appears to get two new colour options. These include the Golden + Black and Grey + Red. These are dual tone offerings which have previously not been offered on the Himalayan range. The new colours will add a dash of newness and increase the appeal of the motorcycle to a wider audience.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 : More Details

In terms of design, the new larger displacement Himalayan looks similar to the regular Himalayan. However, the bike maker has incorporated some changes as well. The front gets a circular LED lamp, windscreen and a revised mudguard. Royal Enfield is offering wire-spoke wheels, which means the tyre could be of tube-type variety. There are disc brakes on both wheels along with dual channel ABS.

Further, the fuel tank appears to be larger and the bike gets a split-seat layout. There are multiple luggage mounts for a host of configurations like panniers, side boxes, top boxes etc. The Himalayan 450 will be positioned as a touring machine.

The bike also gets a new digital instrument cluster. Royal Enfield has also updated the switchgear and the new Himalayan 450 could get updated controls. Keeping up with the times, the bike will get USB socket and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity as well.

Himalayan 452 : Technical Details

Inline with the previous Himalayan name, the 452 signifies the engine capacity of the new adventure bike. This is because the engine on the new bike displaces 451.65cc.

Furthermore, the engine will develop 29.44 kW @ 8,000 which means it is 40.02 HP. This is inline with Triumph’s Speed 400’s 40 HP figure. The 8,000 rpm could also hint at a higher revv limit than the Himalayan 411’s 6,500 rpm.

Other details include the 1,510 mm wheelbase, 2,245 mm length and 852-900 mm width. In comparison, the current Himalayan 411 measures 2,190 mm long and 840 mm wide.

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