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2023 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 & NS200 Review

Written by Parichay Malvankar

The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 came to the Indian market for the first time in 2012. Since then Bajaj has made some minor tweaks to keep the motorcycle relevant in the competition. After that Bajaj came up with lower-displacement NS models thus expanding the NS series. Sharing the same overall architecture and basic fundamentals, the motorcycles have become somewhat monotonous and there was a need for change. Thus, Bajaj has updated the NS200 and NS160, and the motorcycles look quite promising.

What Are The Changes With The Updated Bajaj Pulsar NS200, NS160?

The most highlighting change brought by Bajaj is the addition of an upside-down fork. This unit replaces the earlier conventional telescopic units. Another notable addition is the dual-channel ABS. Previously the version only came with a single-channel system.

But, the addition of the USD fork is not a surprise. This is something we did anticipate before. We say this because we had already seen Bajaj launch these two motorcycles in Brazil under the Dominar brand. And they came equipped with a USD fork. Hence the same update for the Indian market too was eminent. Noteworthy to mention, the Brazil-spec motorcycle still comes with a single-channel ABS.

Updated Bajaj Pulsar NS200, NS160 Gets New Wheels

As we see, these models haven’t gotten a generational update. But there are some significant changes. For example, the NS200 and NS160 now equip the lighter wheels from the Pulsar 250s. Interestingly enough, for the NS160, however, the weight has actually increased. This is because it now uses fatter tyres than before, and this offsets the lighter wheels.

New Features For Updated Bajaj Pulsar NS200, NS160

Talking about the features, there are specifically two to talk about. With a slightly revised instrumentation, we now get a gear position indicator, fuel efficiency data, and a distance-to-empty readout. New Colours To Choose From

Bajaj has always been keen on periodically adding up new colour schemes available on its models. The same is the case for the two updated NS models as well. These motorcycles are now available in new colours namely, Metallic Pearl White, Glossy Ebony Black, Satin Red, and Pewter Grey. Of these, Glossy Ebony Black, and Satin Redare are new. The skipped-out colour schemes are Burnt Red and Satin Blue which are no longer available.

Updated Bajaj Pulsar NS200, NS160 Price Details

As a result of these updates, two NS models have gotten costlier. Retailing at INR 1.35 lakh, the NS160 is now a good INR 10,000 dearer than before. Meanwhile, the NS200 is now costlier by INR 7,000 and now retails at INR 1.47 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).