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2022 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara could be priced at INR 9.5 lakh?

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Maruti Suzuki continues teasing the 2022 Grand Vitara before its unveiling on 20th July 2022. The company has already officially opened bookings for the hybrid SUV. Interested customers can now book the Grand Vitara by visiting NEXA dealerships or using its website’s E-Book option.

The last leak from the website showed us that Maruti Suzuki will name the strong hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara the ‘Intelligent Electric Hybrid’. And since Toyota will offer a segment-first AWD option with the HyRyder, we knew Maruti Suzuki will offer it too. Thanks to one of the teasers the brand released on social media, we now also know what Maruti Suzuki will call it.

In one of the teasers, we get to see the rear of the Grand Vitara. The short teaser video shows the taillight, NEXA sticker on the rear windscreen and the ‘Smart Hybrid’ badge. Looking closely, one can also spot the ‘ALLGRIP’ badging. This also confirms that it will get an AWD option.

However, the latest and most interesting new leak is the pricing of the 2022 Grand Vitara. Tinkering with the NEXA’s ‘E-Book’ source code, someone was able to get info on the price of the SUV.

2022 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara – Price Leaked

As per the latest leak, the pricing of the 2022 Grand Vitara will start from INR 9,50,000 ex-showroom. The leak has credibility as it comes from the official NEXA website. If this starting price turns out to be true, it will undercut its rivals in terms of pricing by a big stretch. However, as of now, we cannot be sure if this will be the actual starting price of the SUV. Maruti Suzuki will officially announce the pricing at its launch in August 2022. Till then, even though the leak comes from the official website, we will have to take it with a pinch of salt.

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