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2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the 50-millionth car for the brand

Written by Nizam Shaikh


In the past 75 years, Mercedes-Benz has produced over 50 Million highest precision Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles and the the 50-millionth car from Mercedes-Benz to roll off the line is the first new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class from the brand’s Factory 56, a global production network. Flexiblilty, digitalisation, efficiency, and sustainability are the foundations for the global production network in car production plants located around the world.

Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations 360

Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations 360 or MO360 is digital ecosystem that via connected technology as well as shared and standardized interfaces connects a family of software applications. The system is already in use in 30 plants around the world, and the networked plants supply data which the MO360 applications can access. Mercedes-Benz is using the digital ecosystem for the first time at the new Factory 56 in Sindelfingen where the 50-millionth car from Mercedes-Benz rolled off.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Close to the end of 2020, Mercedes-Maybach revealed the 2021 new S-Class, based on the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class but longer and with more features inside out. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class comes with dual-tone paint option with a hand applied dividing line, chromed finned bonnet, hallmark Mercedes-Maybach radiator grille, longer rear doors with the option of electrically operated comfort rear doors, a coveted Maybach badge on the C-Pillar that underlines exclusivity.


The car also features active road noise compensation, automatic seat belt extender that extends the buckle when the rear passenger is in the seat and retracts automatically as soon as the vehicle starts moving, second-generation learn-capable MBUX system, 263 LED ambient light system with adaptive rear lighting and DIGITAL LIGHT – where each light module consist of three extremely powerful LEDs that refracts light directed by 1.3 million micro-mirrors projecting a total resolution of 2.6 million pixels.