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2021 Indian Motorcycles for India coming soon with new features

Written by Nizam Shaikh

America’s first motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycle will be rolling out its 2021 line-up soon in the Indian market. The new 2021 line-up includes the Scout, FTR, Vintage, Springfield, Chieftain, Roadmaster, Challenger and their Dark Horse & Limited iterations in India. The brand will also add the Scout Bobber Twenty, Roadmaster Limited & Chief Vintage Dark Horse to their product portfolio in India. 

The 2021 line will also come with new enhanced features and a line of accessories allowing the customer to personalise the motorcycle. The additional features and accessories include ClimaCommand Heated & Cooled Seat – capable of both cooling and heating the seats of both the rider and passenger available for compatible models, Apple CarPlay integration as standard on all 2021 Roadmaster, Chieftain, and Indian Challenger models equipped with Ride Command with navigation, Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights with compatible models, PowerBand Audio etc. The accessory range will also come with Quick Release Trunk with 64-litres of capacity for the 2021 Indian Challenger and is similar to the Indian Roadmaster trunk, which is lockable via key fob and can fit two full-face helmets. 

A new low-profile quick-release padded sissy bar with low-profile passenger pad, taller accessory windshield, extended reach seat, infinite highway pegs and a pinnacle heel shifter will be available for the Indian Challenger and Thunderstroke models. A mid-rise and 406mm (16-inch) ape hanger handlebars, rider and passenger backrests, colour matching Quick Release Trunk, passenger armrests will also be available for the 2021 Thunderstroke models.

The models featuring the Scout family includes – Scout, Scout Bobber and the Scout Bobber Twenty. The FTR family includes – FTR 1200, FTR Rally, FTR 1200 S, FTR 1200 S Race Replica and FTR Carbon. The Cruiser family includes – Indian Vintage and Indian Vintage Dark Horse. The Bagger family includes – Indian Springfield, Indian Springfield Dark Horse, Indian Chieftain Dark Horse and Indian Chieftain Limited. The Touring family includes – Roadmaster, Roadmaster Dark Horse and Roadmaster Limited. The Challenger series includes the Challenger Dark Horse and Challenger Limited.