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2021 Audi E-Tron & E-Tron Sportback EVs get faster charging and more features

Written by Nayak

Electric SUVs from Audi, the E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback have been updated with more features and charging options. The charger which used to come earlier was rated at 11kW, but now the new charger doubles the power and supplies 22kW. Audi has been using fast charging with DC (Direct Charging) which has always been a major strength of the E-Tron models. Audi is now enabling faster charging with AC (Alternating Current). Customers of E-Tron 55 and E-Tron Sportsback 55 customers can have the 22kW charger immediately from now, whereas customers of E-Tron 50 and E-Tron S models will have to wait till mid-2021.

Audi claims that the 22kW charger can charge the E-Tron 55 and E-Tron 55 Sportback in under 5 hours. The charger has been built to suit home garages and uses a suitable domestic installation, has a wall mount to improve the convenience and has a 5-inch touchscreen display. The charger can also be used remotely using the myAudi app. It comes with a pin authorization for safe and secured usage.

There are a few intelligent features as well, for instance, if the house is equipped with a solar system then it will forecast the weather and charge accordingly. It also takes into account the total electricity load on the household and charges accordingly so that there is no overloading. The charger can also be configured to charge as and when the electricity rate is cheaper under a variable electricity rate.

The tyres offered in the Audi E-Tron S and Audi E-Tron S Sportback are 20-inch wheels with an option to upgrade to 21-inch wheels. Now, Audi Sport GmbH is offering 10.5J x 22 wheels with 285/35 series tyres. The wheels are coloured in titanium gray with a gloss turned finish and come with a five-spoke sleek design. The steering has also been updated and gets the adaptive cruise assist. The sophisticated system aids the driver with braking, accelerating, keeping distance in traffic jam situations and also helps in keeping the E-Tron centered in the lane.