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2020 Triumph Tiger 900 recalled globally

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Triumph Motorcycles has recalled the 2020 Triumph Tiger 900, Tiger 900 GT, Tiger 900 GT Pro, Tiger Rally, Tiger Rally Pro and Tiger 900 GT Low Ride Height (LRH) in all markets across the globe except Brazil and China for non-compliance of the rear reflex reflector as fitted to certain Tiger 900 models, which may detach from the motorcycle, rendering the model non-compliant with FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 108.

The 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 bearing VIN numbers From 978905 to AA9677 have been recalled and around 603 motorcycles have been identified with the defect. The list has been populated based upon a review of factory records and it is important to note that no crash or accidents have been reported due to the fault. 

The rear reflector on certain Triumph Tiger model may become loose or detach from the motorcycle which may under certain circumstances reduce the visibility of the motorcycle to drivers of other vehicles, reducing the visibility of the motorcycle, increasing the risk of a crash and safety of the rider and other road users. 

To rectify the problem, Triumph has issued the Safety Recall Action Notice 582 and notifications to customers will be mailed on August 17th 2020 explaining the action and advising customers to return their bikes to a Triumph dealer where the remedy will be performed free of charge. 

Triumph has also asked its dealer to Quarantine all unsold motorcycle stock for sale and any further deliveries to customers. The brand has also announced that owners of machines outside of the affected VIN range are not connected with this action. Customers can use TriumphOnline to identify notices and make arrangements to carry out these repairs at the same time. The brand has also advised its dealers to make necessary arrangements for the inrush of customers, in view of safety from the COVID-19 pandemic and to stock up the necessary inventory associated with the recall. 

Source: NHTSA