2016 Ninja ZX-10R Akrapovic exhaust adds 16 BHP

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Badged as the ‘Evolution Line Carbon’, Akrapovic has launched a full exhaust system for the new 2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. This is a full replacement exhaust system for the supersport model from the Japanese brand, from the header to the end can.

Built out of carbon fibre, this new exhaust is very light helping the bike reduce weight by 5 kg compared to the stock pipe which is available. The reason for the low weight is the hexagonal carbon fibre end can couple with titanium pipes.


Apart from the weight loss, what’s more important is the gain. The Ninja ZX-10R gets a power bump of 16 BHP and torque gain of 5 Nm compared to the stock setup. This will surely make this Akrapovic system a must have for those looking at more performance.

However, this new exhaust demands a ECU remap.

All of this use of technology has helped the Ninja ZX-10 R to improve the power delivery and torque across the rev range. A staggering bump of 16 BHP and 5 NM is achieved at top end of motorcycle by use of this Akrapovic exhaust.

Available with removable baffles, one can choose between two exhaust notes.

The cost of this full exhaust system is around Rs. 2 lakh and can be imported via official distributors of Akrapovic.