12 penalty points and your Indian Driving License will be cancelled

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Currently active only in Hyderabad, we hope that this system is put in place across the country soon, so make road traffic situations better. If your driving license has over 12 penalty points, then it will be cancelled.

Please find attached the list below which details how many penalty points would be put on your driving license if you are violating any of the rules:

If you are violating any of the rules with a learning license, then it will be cancelled once there are 5 penalty points.

If a driver / rider continues to drive / ride once the license is suspended, he / she would be put behind the bars for almost 3 months, and the vehicle will be seized as well.

We really appreciate this system as it will make drivers / riders more aware about the rules, and also prevent them from violating them.

Do you support this initiative?