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100 car wash outlets by Liv group next year

100 car wash outlets by Liv group next year
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Liv India group plans to double its car cleaning outlets to 100 from the prevailing 50 outlets in the next one year through the franchisee route. The company has two franchisee models including Speed Car Wash (a stationed car wash) with a total investment of Rs. 15 – 18 lakhs and Cozi Cars (a mobile car detailing concept) between Rs. 8 – 9 lakhs, apart from 1,000 square feet of real estate space.

Establishing its first car wash outlet in Ludhiana in 2011 by importing technology and equipment from Italy, Liv India group envisages that there is a huge potential of this business in the country wherein by 2025 every third car manufactured in the world will be sold in India and the country already has 35 million vehicles on the road.

The average annual revenue of Speed Car Wash franchisee centre is approximately Rs. 36 lakhs and can be achieved by doing 15 to 20 cars a day, with prices ranging between Rs. 300 – 3,500.