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Yamaha issues recall for FZ25 & Fazer 25, 23,987 bikes affected

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Yamaha has issued a voluntary recall for their premium motorcycles, the FZ 25 & Fazer 25. A total of 23,987 motorcycles have been recalled by the brand to fix a flaw which might have passed undetected during production.

Yamaha claims that the head cover bolt on the FZ 25 & Fazer 25 engines could loosen, and needs to be fixed by tightening by applying specific amount of torque & by applying recommended loctite at the earliest. If it loosens beyond a limit, it could be cause damage to the motorcycle.

Yamaha have recently detected this flaw and till now, no accident or safety-related claim has emerged due to this problem. Yamaha has announced this recall officially, and customers can check using their chassis number if their bike is affected with this problem.

For this repair fix, there will be no cost borne by the customers and this fix will take just a few minutes. However, we recommend that you take prior appointment at the nearest Yamaha dealership to get this inspected with ample time in hand.

While the FZ 25 has seen a decent response from the market, the ugly sibling, the Fazer 25 still remains a rare sight on the streets.