Valentino Rossi has completed a lap of the world

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

If you follow motorsport of any kind, we are sure you have at least heard of Valentino Rossi. A living and competing legend in MotoGP championship, the star has now crossed yet another milestone in his career. Currently riding for Yamaha, Valentino Rossi is still counting laps on race tracks around the world. But what’s making news now is that throughout his illustrious career, Rossi has now completed a world lap.

So, a world lap here equates to the total racing distance Valentino has completed in his career. With 40,075 kms raced, Valentino Rossi has achieved this feat ruding lap 15 of the recently concluded Spanish MotoGP. In terms of laps, Rossi so far has completed 8,730 of them. This feat is accounted only for the actual race distance, and not practice or qualifying. So it adds more value for this ‘World Lap’ from Valentino Rossi.

With a total of 23 Grand Prix seasons he has raced in, Valentino Rossi has 9 world championships to his name in the premier class. He has 115 race wins and 228 podium finishes in his career.

Rossi is fighting to win his 10th MotoGP title, but so far in 2018, isn’t in the top 3 title contenders. Would you like to see Valentino Rossi on the top step when the world championship is awarded at the end of this years MotoGP Championship? After more than 2 decades of racing, do you still believe that Valentino Rossi has what it takes to clinch the top podium position in every race? Do comment and let us know.